Yoga is not just the shapes we make with our body, it is how we live our lives.

Sarah is a senior yoga teacher and teacher trainer. She has been teaching for 15 years and has taught all around the world. Her offerings are the perfect blend of her extensive training, sharp wit, and innate wisdom. Join her live or on-demand.

The perfect cocktail of difficulty and fun
“Sarah’s class has become a vital part of my life. I had no idea Yoga could be such hard work and…SO MUCH FUN. Her class is the perfect cocktail of difficulty and fun. Sarah guides me toward finding the outline of my limit and then breaking through it.”

—Colin Farrell, actor
Sarah is a true inspiration
“Sarah is a true inspiration when it comes to leading with authenticity, honesty, and zeal! I’ve had the great privilege of watching her grow and evolve through several life stages, both professionally and personally, and I’m thrilled that she has a whole book dedicated to illuminating the wisdom she’s gained along the way.”

—Maya Magennis, President, YogaWorks
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