Heart to Soul


Sarah Ezrin is a motivator, writer, yoga teacher, and teacher trainer. Her joie de vivre is infectious. Her fun and popular yoga classes are infused with humor and positivity. Bringing a background of psychology and life coaching, Sarah lovingly guides people toward their brightest and best self.

Sarah is an E-RYT-500. She is based out of San Francisco where she lives with her husband and dog. A world traveler since birth, Sarah leads trainings, workshops and retreats at home and across the globe. She is also a certified life coach.

Sarah is a regular contributor for Yoga Journal, LA Yoga, and Yoga International. She is sponsored by numerous mindful fitness companies including Athleta, Manduka and has worked in the past with top brands such as Lululemon Athletica, Alternative Apparel, Fabletics, Sweaty Betty, Navitas Naturals, Vita Coco, Lifeforme Yoga, and Yoga Gives Back.

Sarah began doing yoga in college, however she did not get serious about her practice until working demanding hours in the film industry. It was also during this time that Sarah’s mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. The mat provided refuge and healing as her mother’s illness progressed. Sarah realized that time was too fleeting to not be spent doing what one loves. She quit the film business to pursue her passions.  Her mother was able to see her teach once before passing away.

For Sarah, yoga is beyond the postures it is a guide for living and she is changing the world, teaching self-love one person a time!


“Sarah’s class has become a vital part of my life. I had no idea Yoga could be such hard work and…SO MUCH FUN. Her class is the perfect cocktail of difficulty and fun. Sarah guides me toward finding the outline of my limit and then breaking through it.”

~ Colin Farrell