Sarah loves personal stories and believes that we all
learn best through laughter and vulnerability.
Sarah’s trainings and circles have been deemed
“transformative” and “life-changing” from past
students, and people are always surprised at how
deep she is able to go (and get them to go!) in
shorter form events.

Sarah is also a skilled interviewer, whether in person
or writing in print. She asks the questions everyone is
thinking but may be uncomfortable asking. Her no-
judgment approach inspires people to open up and
get real.

Connect with Sarah virtually or out in the world with
her workshops, trainings, and book tour. She is
always interested in getting to know you!

Let’s hang together

Would you like to invite Sarah to be on a panel or
podcast or have her speak at your event?

She is able to reach every student and gives them space to learn in their way
“I have had the opportunity to host Sarah to teach for the 200HR Teacher Training and various workshops in Beirut. Her exuberant energy and professional skills are evident the moment I met her. She is able to reach every student and gives them space to learn in their way. Her smile lights up the room. Her self-discipline is an inspiration to all. It is a pleasure to work with Sarah, and look forward to more collaboration in the near future. “

—Lulia Turk
Breathe the Yoga Studio, owner
Beirut, Lebanon
Sarah is genuine, smart, fun, a born leader and teacher
“Sarah is a teacher’s teacher. Sarah was the facilitator/teacher of the Yoga Works Training hosted at our studio. Of the participants, half were teachers and half had never taken a yoga teacher training. Sarah had a way of making the training equally engaging and accessible for us all. She was the perfect fit for our studio and exceeded my expectations in every way. She held space in an honest, assertive and supportive way. She made the teachings interesting, attainable and applicable. Sarah is genuine, smart, fun, a born leader and teacher. She is a gift to the yoga community. “

—Darcy Hagerman
Moksha Yoga North York & Moksha Yoga Thornhill, owner
Toronto, Canada
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Let's Get Real Mom's Group

Let’s be real: Motherhood is hard AF. Many of us are drowning on a good day. Moms are expected to “do it all,” and often with very little support. We are responsible for so many things and so many people. We need a space where we can set it all down. A space where we can be held, instead of always being the ones doing the holding. We need a community who gets it. We need other moms.


Welcome to Let’s Get Real Moms at Metta Mama. This group is a sacred space where you get to show up EXACTLY as you are. In fact, the messier the better! 

For 6-weeks we will gather to explore a wide range of topics, each aimed to help you find more space, support, and self-compassion. Every session will begin with a grounding practice, such as meditation or breathwork. This will be followed by a conscious group check-in. We will then explore a variety of motherhood-specific topics through the lenses of yoga, mindfulness, and mental health. 

All moms are welcome here, no matter what stage of motherhood you are in. We will be co-creating our very own mom council.

To preserve the intimacy of the group, enrollment space will be limited. Make sure to sign up ahead and get your spot!

Dates: 4/19, 4/26, 5/3, 5/10, 5/17, 5/31. (skipping 5/24 for memorial day weekend)

“Sarah’s group has been a lifeline for me these past few months. In a time when I was yearning for meaningful connections and conversations about womanhood and motherhood, her group came into my life like a beacon of light. Making the commitment to attend each week has been incredibly healing and grounding. Sharing vulnerabilities with fellow women and mothers, listening to their stories and struggles, and feeling genuinely heard and supported has meant the world to me. 

Sarah’s wealth of graceful and relatable wisdom is truly remarkable. Her ability to create a safe and authentic space for each woman’s experience is incredibly refreshing. I am filled with gratitude for the timing of this group in my life. It has been nothing short of transformative and showed me how much finding community means to me.” 

Sierra Hart Devoto (mom of 2)

Conscious Core

This Spring, F45-San Rafael Rafael and senior yoga teacher and community member, Sarah Ezrin, will be teaming up to offer a special 3-part series focused on core awareness and efficiency, as explored through breath-based practices and a yoga-informed lens. Yoga is an amazing compliment to the work we do at F45 and harnessing our breath can take performance to the next level!

Each masterclass will be 45-min in length and will deep dive into various aspects of the core, from the bottom up. The classes will begin with a brief anatomical overview to help you optimize your body’s innate functions. Finally, we will take those breathing techniques and awareness into common F45 exercises. 

Our core is way more complex than just our six-pack abdominals and the breath is the source of an athlete’s power, strength, and lightness.

Email to register.

This series is open to everyone! Invite your friends!

Cost: $25/per class or $65 for the whole series. Venmo: @Sarah-Ezrin

Session 2: Conscious Core: Abdominals, Lower Back, & Your Breath

April 13, 10:30a-11:15a

A strong core is so much more than defined six-pack abs! For the most power, efficiency, and freedom in our movements, we need to learn how to access our deepest core muscles. These may not be visible at a pool party, but they will transform every single movement you do during exercise and in life.  

Popular abdominal strengthening exercises, such as crunches and bicycles, are often overdone, which can lead to a host of issues, including compromised digestion, compromised breathing, lower back pain, neck and shoulder tension, and pelvic floor dysfunction. When we learn how to access and work every single layer of our trunk (which includes our back and sides!) there is a holistic effect on our body, improving overall performance and health.

In this workshop, we will optimize trunk stability and core strength. Using breath practices as a guide, we will realign our whole body from the bottom up, improving performance in everything from the most basic movements to the most complex F45 exercises. 

What we will cover: 


  • Define core stability and learn how to access the deeper core muscles.

  • Cover the anatomy of the core canister and movements of the diaphragm.

  • Differentiate between core engagement and bulging our abdominals.

  • Discuss diastasis recti, including prevention and healing.

  • Leverage the breath to access even more core power and stability within common F45 exercises

Email to register.

This series is open to everyone! Invite your friends!

Cost: $25/per class or $65 for the whole series. Venmo: @Sarah-Ezrin

Upcoming sessions:

May 11, 1030a: Session 2- Chest, Shoulders & Your Breath

Date & Time: Saturdays 4/13, 5/11, 10:30a-11:15a
Location: F45 San Rafael, CA