The Yoga of Parenting

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Sarah Ezrin, E-RYT 500, is an award-winning author, world-renowned yoga educator, content creator, and maternal mental health advocate based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sarah lovingly guides people along their wellness and parenthood journeys. Her words, teachings, and social media are supportive, healing sources for people to feel seen and heard.

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“I can say without a doubt that the most advanced yoga I’ve ever done is raising a child,”

– from The Yoga of Parenting

While many people think of yoga as poses on a mat, this book supports people in bringing the spiritual principles of yoga into their lives—particularly their families. Sarah supports readers and practitioners in slowing down, becoming present with our children and ourselves, and acting with more compassion.

The joy and challenge of mindful parenting

“Sarah is not only a masterful teacher of postural yoga who can communicate
complex poses to a variety of people. She also is a caring human who
leverages the philosophy and lifestyle of yoga to navigate a variety of human
experiences, including the changing body in shape and function, the
complexity of grounding oneself in the face of family dynamics, and the joy
and challenge of mindful parenting.

I appreciate Sarah’s yoga in action: strong allyship and a desire to create
more expansive opportunities for those who may not have had them, and her
skills of deep listening, truth-speaking, and commitment to harm reduction.
She’s truly a lovely human being.”

—Tamika Caston-Miller, Executive Director, Ashé Yoga



The heart of yoga is about connection. All of Sarah’s writing and offerings are yoga-influenced. Yes, even her TikToks! Her on-demand and livestream classes are like a therapy session with your bestie.


Words heal. From her most recent essays to her earliest musings, this is your link to all of your favorite pieces that Sarah has ever written.


Let’s gather! Sarah’s book tour, workshops, events, speaking engagements, and trainings are opportunities to laugh and learn in community.

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