The Yoga of Parenting Podcast
The Yoga of Parenting Podcast
Adam and Holly Husler

Throughout the process of writing The Yoga of Parenting and conducting interviews for this podcast, I’ve had the opportunity to listen to and learn from parents with children of all ages. And in this delightful discussion, I chat with Adam and Holly Husler. Adam is a renowned yoga teacher with a robust schedule in the UK and abroad, Holly is a celebrated sound healer and yoga teacher, and they’re both the parents to baby Sonny and hosts of the “Honestly Unbalanced” podcast. In this episode, we talk about the surprises, delights, and challenges that come with having a new baby. We acknowledge how a little one affects a traveling teacher’s busy schedule, when our pre-baby parenting expectations about staying home vs. working to support the family don’t line up with a more nuanced reality, and how the yoga we did pre-baby provides a valuable storehouse we can tap into after baby arrives. 

Other topics we cover:

  • Formal practice vs. informal practice (we don’t all agree on this one!)
  • Why we’re all leaning more toward strength training over asana these days.
  • Holly and Adam’s skillful answer to the “how’s the baby sleeping?” question.

The Huslers (Adam and Holly) offer London yoga classes, retreats, international event teaching and host the “Honestly Unbalanced Podcast.” They also share all of their skills online via “Home with The Huslers.” Adam hosts teacher trainings and international workshops while Holly leads sound journeys and records music. Between them, they’ve appeared in Mens’ Fitness, New York Times, Evening Standard, The Telegraph, Lonely Planet, Elle, Nat Geo Traveller, Channel 5 and more.

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