The Yoga of Parenting Podcast
The Yoga of Parenting Podcast
Tara Stiles

In this episode I talk with Strala Yoga co-founder, best-selling author, and mama to six-year-old Daisy, Tara Stiles. Tara shares the unexpected ways that both yoga and Tai Chi have helped her manage her energy as a mom and the joys and challenges that arise with each new stage of parenting. She also shares the tips she’s learned for getting through challenging days with a little one and super-practical ways that we can use our body position to conserve energy (including an especially helpful tip for ending a conversation when you need to!)

Other topics we cover:

  • Caring for our own parents as they age and navigating the grief we experience after losing a parent.
  • Changing priorities and being okay with letting things go.
  • Observations on being both a yoga teacher and a mom.
  • And why you might just want to take up knitting!

Tara Stiles is the co-founder of Strala Yoga, best-selling author, and well-being expert. Tara revolutionized yoga for millions, transforming a practice so often seen as dogmatic, and guru-based, into an everyday movement that supports ease and well-being. Learn more about her work at


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